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Our friends from Aotearoa came to visit us

After travelling to Aotearoa last year,it was our turn to receive our guest! Thierry KOUMOETINI and the group TAKITOA prepared a welcoming ceremony at the Faaa airport.Our Maori firends stayed in the house of the family RURUA .After that,they went to Moorea to visit the Puna Reo.The children and the parents received them and organised a meal . The Puna… Read more »

A poem for Hepa

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  Haruru otu’i mai nei te reo tavevovevo e: Résonne lourdement un echo : A thunderid voice echoes heavily Ua mate… Ua mate… Ua mate… Il nous a quitté, quitté, quitté… He’s gone, gone, gone…. Ua mate teie Tamaiti ! Ua mate teie Mootua! Ua mate teie Hoa iti ! Ua mate teie ‘Aito iti  no te ‘Âti Te Arawa!… Read more »

PERERAU receive the mayor…

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Le Maire et le plan

 On wednesday 15th september2010,the mayor ,who came with his asistants and 2 town councillors from Paopao ,visited the land  Pererau.In the Legend of Rotui ,the marae  Pererau is located on the land Pererau.The place ,where was put the big drum of the queen Teremuura,is very important and very symbolic for the village of Pihaena.  The association Puna Reo responsibles could… Read more »